WCHA Governance Structure

Governance for the WCHA Women’s League is led by its Board of Directors, with additional input from the Advisory Council and Management Council, along with additional committees as necessary.

Board of Directors

The WCHA Women’s League Board of Directors is comprised of each Member institution’s President/Chancellor or their designee. The Board, which is led by a Chair serving a two-year term, has has oversight over all League operations, with primary responsibility for finances and budget, membership and commissioner staffing. On voting items, each Member institution receives one vote. In 2018-19, the Board consists of:

  • Chair: Dr. Perry Leo, Faculty Athletics Representative, University of Minnesota
  • Tracy Dill, Director of Athletics, Bemidji State University
  • Dr. Lynn Black, Chancellor, University of Minnesota Duluth
  • Kevin Buisman, Director of Athletics, Minnesota State University
  • Dr. John Davidson, Faculty Athletics Representative, Ohio State University
  • Dr. Ellyn Bartges, Equity & Access Officer and Title IX Compliance Coordinator, St. Cloud State University
  • Jason King, Senior Associate Athletic Director, University of Wisconsin

Advisory Council

The WCHA Women’s League Advisory Council is responsible for general counsel to the Commissioner and WCHA Office, along with providing oversight of the League’s day-to-day operations. Its members serve on two-year terms. In 2018-19, the Advisory Council consists of:

  • Dr. Perry Leo, Faculty Athletics Representative, University of Minnesota (Board Chair)
  • Dr. Shannon Norman, Faculty Athletics Representative, Bemidji State University (FAR Chair)
  • Josh Berlo, Athletic Director, University of Minnesota Duluth (AD Chair)
  • John Harrington, Head Coach, Minnesota State (HC Chair)

Management Council

The WCHA Women’s League Management Council consists of three representatives from each Member institution: The Director of Athletics (or Athletics Administrator), the Faculty Athletics Representative and the Head Coach. The Management Council shall enact League Policies and Procedures, including scheduling, game management and WCHA Postseason Tournament items, while also serving as a recommending body to the Board of Directors regarding League financials and budget, membership and officer employment. On voting items, each Member institution receives one vote. In 2018-19, the Management Council consists of:

  • Bemidji State University – Tracy Dill (AD), Dr. Shannon Norman (FAR), Jim Scanlan (HC)
  • University of Minnesota – Tom McGinnis (Sr. Assoc. AD), Dr. Perry Leo (FAR), Brad Frost (HC)
  • University of Minnesota Duluth – Josh Berlo (AD), Dr. Steve Castleberry (FAR), Maura Crowell (HC)
  • Minnesota State University – Kevin Buisman (AD), Dr. Jeffrey Pribyl (FAR), John Harrington (HC)
  • Ohio State University – Diana Sabau (Exec. Assoc. AD), Dr. John Davidson (FAR), Nadine Muzerall (HC)
  • St. Cloud State University – Heather Weems (AD), Dr. William Hudson (FAR), Eric Rud (HC)